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Insurance For The Way You Live

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Insurance For The Way You Live

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Insurance For The Way You Live

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Insurance For The Way You Live

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Insurance Agency in Lawton, OK


The future is unpredictable. With our insurance agency, you can protect your future against grave losses by securing what is valuable to you! From your belongings such as properties and automobiles to your life, we make sure you get the best insurance plan to fit your needs. Our insurance agents are experts in their profession who possess a thorough knowledge of both the various insurance options and the insurer’s preferences. We utilize this knowledge to help you understand and compare multiple insurance plans and select the one that benefits you the most.

As we wish the frosty breath of winter farewell it is time to start thinking about spring.  
Here are a few tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable spring.

1. Clean out the gutters

2. If you are on a foundation, check your foundation vents and make sure they are clear of debris.

3. Be sure and look over your grills and lawn equipment for any safety issues before you use them.

4. Make sure your outside faucets are working properly and that you do not detect any leaks.

5. Do a spot check of your property and make sure there is no minor damage that could lead to larger problems down the road, if not repaired.

6. Check your AC filters and you may want to have it serviced by a professional before the summer heat.

7. Clean out the dryer vent.

8. Check your smoke and carbonmonoxy detectors.

Insurance Tips


Do I Need Medical & Uninsured Motorist?

Both Medical and Uninsured Motorist are often overlooked when selecting an Auto policy.  Talk to one of our professionals about how important this coverage is.

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Flood & Earthquake Coverage

Flood and Earthquake Coverage are two separate insurance coverage’s and in most cases, they are not part of your normal homeowner insurance policy.


Things Change

Things change, it is important to review your policy with your Agent at least once a year.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be affordable, talk to one of our Life Agents today.

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Protect Your Stuff

We invest a lot of time and money for our possessions. With the price of everything going up it is important to protect our things with a renter’s insurance policy or a Home Owner insurance policy. 

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About Us


We are family owned and have been in the insurance business for over 25 years.  Being a General Agency gives us the flexibility to better provide for your needs.

We think of our customers as being part of our own family and we strive to offer you the best protection for your needs at the greatest value.